Summer Fun & Tube Feeding

May 23, 2018

On The Road

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and that means lots of outdoor activities. Whether it is to spend time with family, watch sports, play sports or just enjoy nature, being outside in the summer helps most of us forget about the long  winter we’ve just been through.

A 2016 survey from the National Recreation and Park Association asked 1,000 American adults about their favorite summertime outdoor activities.

The top five favorite summertime activities are:

  1. Having a picnic/barbeque (55 percent of survey respondents)
  2. Going for a walk/hike (49 percent)
  3. Going to the beach (40 percent)
  4. Exploring nature (36 percent)
  5. Attending festivals (30 percent)

Outdoor Fun & Tube Feeding

While we all love being outside on a beautiful summer day, being outside while also caring for a person with a feeding tube adds another layer of planning. Having the right tools can go a long ways in making sure everyone has a good time.


Even if you’re not having a picnic, you will want to bring some food and water with you so you don’t have to stop your good time to go in search of something to eat or drink.

For a person with a feeding tube, make sure you pack plenty of whatever nutrition you normally use – pre-packaged commercial nutrition or your favorite homemade blend if you are on a blenderized diet and water.

Typically you would use a bolus syringe to deliver your nutrition, but being outside offers up a lot of opportunity for contaminants to get in your food. Luckily, there is a new bolus delivery system to make it easier for a person with a feeding tube to eat outside.

The bFed™ System makes it incredibly easy to take your food with you, so you are ready to eat whenever you want.

The Bolee Bag can be filled at home with your favorite nutrition – your own blend, Real Food Blends, Functional Formularies, Kate Farms, Abbott products or Nestle products. Just fill as many Bolee Bags as you want with the food of your choice, put them in a cooler with a Bolink Large Cap and you will be ready to go.Bolee Bag with Bolink Large Cap

You can also fill multiple Bolee Bags with water, so staying hydrated will never be an issue. The Same Bolink Large Cap can be used with with all the Bolee Bags you pack, saving you space in your car or bag.

Another great option for a quick snack on the run are those pureed food pouches Bolink SC with Store Bought Puree Pouchesthat come pre-filled with nutritious blends of fruits and vegetables. Just throw a few of those pouches  in you picnic basket with a Bolink Small Cap set and you are ready for those times when a quick snack is all you want.

Have Fun!

Now that the bFed System has solved all of your outdoor tube feeding delivery issues, you can focus on having fun and enjoying the summer sun! Learn even more by clicking here.


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