A NEW, EASY and SECURE food delivery system created just for home tube feeders

Eat what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want!!

For years, home tube feeders have been forced to adapt to cumbersome bolus syringes, gravity bags that are too big, tubing that’s too long. Finally, there’s a new tube feeding system specifically designed to meet your needs and make life easier – the bFed™ System.

Now you really do have the freedom to choose!


Watch this video to see how the bFed™ System works


  • “The bFed System has made bolus feeding so much easier for me. I’ve been using a g-tube to supplement my diet due to complications of cystic fibrosis for about 7 years now, and finally I can use something that makes bolus feeds an easy part of my day. It’s a huge time saver and eliminates the threat of spills and leaks!”

    Gunnar Esiason

  • “Its so simple and easy to use.
    There’s no mess, no spilling and no syringes!”


  • “I like to fill multiple bags so they’re ready
    at mealtime and save them in the fridge. I love
    having these bags on hand so I always have a meal.”


  • “Like most of you, I’ve tried just about everything
    out there. Finally, a delivery system developed
    specifically for home tube feeders.”


bFed™ System – No More Messy Syringes!

The bFed™ System is a complete system for gravity bolus tube feeding whether you are using blenderized nutrition or commercial formulas. It also gives you a direct and secure connection for a wide range of store bought puree pouches. Great for snacks on the run or a quick pick-me-up!

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