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Bolee BagBolee Bag


The Bolee™ Bag is a reusable (up to 15 uses per bag over multiple days) 375mL flexible container used to store and deliver tube feeding nutrition and water. Not made in China.

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Carolyn says:

“I’m using a blenderized fluid, but thinned out sufficiently so that it flows easily-same as before. I always have to use a little pressure because it won’t flow from gravity. I’m really happy using these bags – much better than the gravity-syringe type. Easier on the arms since I have to do the feedings for my husband (he has essential tremor = mess!)”

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The Bolee Bag is a reusable (at least 15 uses over multiple days) 375mL flexible container used to store and deliver tube feeding nutrition and water. Make mealtime easier by simply filling multiple Bags with your preferred food and store in the refrigerator or freezer. If you freeze your food, thaw the Bolee Bag in your refrigerator or in a warm bowl of water. Bolee Bags are not microwaveable.

Plan ahead and store multiple bags filled with water so you’re always ready to deliver hydration. Each Bolee Bag is individually packaged for clean and easy storage until you are ready to use.

No more messy syringes!

Easy to Use:

  • Remove the Bolee Bag cap
  • Fill with your preferred food or water
  • Attach a Bolink Large Cap
  • Squeeze the Bolee Bag to fill the Bolink Large Cap tubing
  • Clamp the tubing and attach to your feeding tube or extension set
  • Unclamp the Bolink Large Cap and let the food flow (squeeze the Bolee Bag if you want a faster flow).
  • After using the Bolee Bag, wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and allow to air dry.

The Bolee Bag has been approved for billing under HCPCS code B4036 as part of the Enteral Feeding Kit – Gravity Fed.

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375 mL bag with protective cap


• Hand wash only, do not place in dishwasher.
• Store filled BoleeTM Bag in refrigerator or freezer.
• If contents are frozen, thaw in warm water or overnight in refrigerator.
• Do not place Bolee Bag in microwave or boiling water to thaw

Not made with natural rubber latex.
Not formulated with DEHP or BPA.

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