March 15, 2020

Update During COVID-19 Pandemic

We’ve been supplying medical products for a long time and have never experienced a situation like we all find ourselves in today.  COVID-19 has generated a lot of worry and quite frankly, panic. We recognize the concern and stress that it’s creating in the tube fed community, especially with regard to obtaining your supplies. Here is our commitment to you, the bFed Community:

Supply – We have plenty of Bolee™ Bags and Bolink™ Small and Large Caps in stock to meet your needs for many months.

Our service to you – We’re small and nimble so it’s easy for us to control our environment to ensure we can continue to fill your orders when received.

Communication – Ensuring effective delivery of nutrition through a feeding tube is critical to maintaining nutrition status and health. We will be honest and open about our ability to supply your needs and will let you know if anything changes.

Guidelines for using the Bolee Bag -To optimize reusability, you should follow the instructions on the back of the Bolee Bag and wash with warm soapy water and let air dry between uses.  If you have a concern that extends beyond cleanliness and wish to sanitize, you can disinfect the Bolee Bag using a bleach solution following the instructions on our website in the FAQs.

    • Prepare a bleach solution of 1 teaspoon of unscented bleach per gallon (16 cups) of water in a clean wash basin.
    • Submerge the bag and cap completely, checking that the solution touches all parts and there are no air bubbles in the bag.
    • Soak the Bolee Bag and cap in solution for at least 2 minutes.
    • Remove with clean hands or tongs. Do not rinse because germs could get back onto the sanitized bag and cap. Any remaining bleach will break down quickly.
    • This process is similar to what is done to sanitize dishes in restaurants.

For more information about disinfecting surfaces in general, the CDC has guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting at home on their website. Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly!

Thank you for your support of the bFed System.  Our values include making life easier for the home tube feeder and caregiver community and putting that at the heart of everything we do.


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