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What is ENFit®?

ENFit is a new connector system designed to prevent tubing misconnections, such as connecting tube feeding sets to I.V. catheters.

The best part about the ENFit system is that it  screws together, making for a tight seal that makes it almost impossible for the connection between Bolink tubing and the feeding tube or extension set to accidentally come apart or more importantly, leak.

ENFit Connector                                      ENFit screw connection with extension set


Why is the bFed™ System only available in the United States?

The Bolink Gravity Feeding Sets are regulated medical devices. At this time we only have regulatory clearance for sales in the United States. Expanded distribution into other countries will happen in the near future.

Is the bFed™ System reimbursed by insurance?

The Bolink Enteral Tube Feeding Sets are gravity sets and are covered within  HCPCS Code B4036 – Enteral Feeding Kit – Gravity. Your medical supply company will be able to get reimbursement for the bFed System if they provide it to you as part of the monthly gravity supply kit.

You can also use funds from you health savings account (HSA) to pay for or get reimbursed for the purchase of the bFed System.

How long has U Deliver Medical LLC been in business?

U Deliver Medical LLC began selling the bFed System in February 2018.

Does the Bolink Small Cap fit all brands of store bought puree products?

The Bolink Small Cap fits the vast majority of store bought puree brands. The only product that we are aware of that does not fit is the Gerber® products with the “Smart Flow” top.

Below is a picture of the spout that the Bolink Small Cap fits.

Does the Bolee Bag need to be sterilized in between uses?

The Bolee Bag is a food container made from food grade plastic. It, like all bFed System products, is produced and packaged in a controlled clean room environment. Like most enteral delivery products it is not sterile packaged. After each use you should wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water and allowed to air dry.

If you feel it is necessary, it is possible to sanitize the Bolee Bag periodically using a 10% bleach solution. If you are unsure about the need to sanitize the BoleeTM Bag or have questions about it, ask your healthcare provider.

Following are CDC guidelines for sanitizing baby bottles take these steps:

  • Prepare a bleach solution of 1 teaspoon of unscented bleach per gallon (16 cups) of water in a clean wash basin.
  • Submerge the bag and cap completely, checking that the solution touches all parts and there are no air bubbles in the bag.
  • Soak items in solution for at least 2 minutes.
  • Remove with clean hands or tongs. Do not rinse because germs could get back onto the sanitized items. Any remaining bleach will break down quickly.
  • This process is similar to what is done to sanitize dishes in restaurants.*

*CDC Guidelines

How long does the Bolee™ Bag last?

The Bolee Bag is made from extra thick food grade plastic film with reinforced side seals. During development it was tested using a fill, freeze, thaw, deliver, wash and rinse cycle for 15 times without a failure. It was not tested to failure, but with proper care and maintenance you should be able to use it up to 30 times. Individual experience may vary.

What can be done to improve the flow of Bolee Bag/Bolink Large Cap System?

Before priming the Bolink Large Cap tubing, “burp” the Bolee Bag to remove as much air as possible. This creates a vacuum helping draw the fluid out of the Bolee Bag. A ‘burped” Bolee Bag is easier to squeeze than one with air still in it.

To burp the Bolee Bag, open the clamp on the Bolink Large Cap, attach it to the filled Bolee Bag with the tubing pointed up and squeez the Bolee Bag until fluid fills the tubing and then close the clamp.

The speed at which the Bolee Bag empties depends on the consistency of the nutrition in the Bolee Bag. If you are using a homemade blend or thick commercial product, adding water to the blend and increasing blending time will improve the flow rate.

As the Bolee Bag empties roll up the bag like a tube of tooth paste. This helps put pressure on the Bolee Bag and empty the contents.

When the only fluid left in the Bolee Bag remains in the cap, slightly loosen the the Bolink Large Cap to release the vacuum and allow the remaining contents to flow through the tubing.

For best results with a low profile or button feeding tube, always use a straight bolus extension set.