A home tube feeder using the Bolee Bag with Nourish commercial nutrition

Bolee Bag – Not Just for Blended Diets

December 17, 2019

The Bolee™ Bag is Versatile

The Bolee Bag was introduced in February 2018 as a way to help home tube feeders more easily deliver nutrition. It was an immediate hit with the blenderized nutrition community as an easy way to both deliver and store nutrition in one container. No need to struggle with transferring your blends from the blender to a container for storage or to a syringe for delivery.

Unfortunately, people started thinking the bFed™ System was just for blenderized tube feeding. They didn’t realize that bolus syringes are a problem for everyone, not just for people using thick nutrition.

Why are Bolus Syringes a Problem?

The simple fact is that bolus syringes were designed for irrigation and flushing, not nutrition delivery. The vast majority of bolus syringes used in tube feeding are 60mL. The typical meal is over 300mL, requiring the syringe to be filled at least five times.

Now imagine filling a syringe five times at every meal – 15 times a day, 5,475 times a year – while dealing with a squirming child or an adult with dexterity issues or tremors. It doesn’t matter what type of nutrition you use, the frustration with typical syringe generated spills and messes will be overwhelming.

Why is the Bolee Bag Better?

In essence the Bolee Bag is a full meal “closed system.” Once you fill the Bolee Bag, attach the Bolink™ Large Cap and close the clamp, the system is closed until you are ready to eat. At mealtime, attach the Bolink tubing to your feeding tube or extension set and let gravity do its job or squeeze to bolus feed. You can lay the Bolee Bag on your lap, on a table, hang it up or hold it. As long as it is above the stoma, liquid will flow.

Bolee Bag connected to Bolink Large Cap and Extension set
Ready to use with a low profile (button) feeding tube
A girl using the bFed System for a meal before performing in a play.
No mess here!

At 375mL (13 ounces) the Bolee Bag is small enough for easy handling at meal time but big enough to hold one or more containers of nutrition from Abbott, Functional Formularies, Kate Farms, Nestle or Real Food Blends. Fill and store Bolee Bags with water so hydration is always ready and you can flush the feeding tube after every meal.

The Bolee Bag is reusable. After each use just clean with warm, soapy water, dry and refill up to 15 times over multiple days. You’ll save money and send less waste to the landfill.

The New Standard

The Bolee Bag isn’t just for special situations. All tube feeders can benefit from an easier to use tube feeding system. All tube feeders can benefit from the bFed System!


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