Supporting the Environment

June 18, 2020

Designed for Reuse

When we were developing the bFed® System, we reviewed all of the different products and how they were used.  One of the things that stood out to us was simply how much waste we saw when it comes to medical products.

Of course, some products require a “one-time-use” because of how they are used, however, we found too many products were creating waste due to poor design.

We used this insight to challenge ourselves and change the status quo of daily use tube feeding products to create the Bolee® Bag, the first reusable tube feeding container.

Reduce Waste Going to Landfills

The Bolee Bag is made from food grade polyethylene which is a slightly stiffer plastic than other tube feeding bags, which are made from PVC, so it can stand up when drying and withstand multiple uses. As an added benefit, polyethylene is much more environmentally friendly than PVC.

A couple of things to think about:

      1. 1. Daily use gravity bags generate 365 bags per year per person.
      2. 2. Each Bolee Bag can be used 15 times or 5 days – which equals only 73 bags per person per year, an 80% decrease!

Reusing Bolee Bags means that 292 fewer bags per person would be going to the landfills! Just think about that…if just 500 people switched from traditional gravity bags to the Bolee Bag, there would be 146,000 fewer bags in landfills EVERY year! 

Spread the Word

We’re doing all we can to spread the word, but we sure could use your help. Please let all your social media friends involved with tube feeding know there is a better, more ecologically friendly option for tube feeding and direct them to udelivermedical.com to learn more.


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