Emergency Kit

July 16, 2019

You Never Know

With our headquarters in Minnesota, we’re familiar with bad weather. Blizzards, tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms can cause major disruptions in electrical power and isolate you even if you live in a metro area like the Twin Cities.  If it’s bad you go to the basement, wait out the storm. If it’s really bad like a hurricane on the coasts, you have to evacuate. You learn quickly that you should always have a emergency preparedness kit ready with canned or freeze dried food and water.

If you have feeding tube it’s a different story. No power means that when your pump battery looses its charge, it dies. Without refrigeration you have to manage your nutrition carefully. Tube feeding isn’t easy but under these circumstances it becomes especially hard.

That’s why we created the bFed System Tube Feeding Emergency Kit. The bFed System is perfect for emergencies. You don’t need power, just gravity.  The emergency kit contains:

      • 1 Bolee Bag
      • 1 Bolink Large Cap
      • 1 Bolink Small Cap
      • 2 Puree Pouches (brands and variety will vary)
      • 2 Water Pouches – 4.2 fl. oz.
      • 1 Carrying Case


You can connect the Bolink Small Cap directly to pureed food pouches or fill the Bolee Bag, attach the Bolink Large Cap, connect to your feeding tube and you’re good to go.

Order one or more today and keep them with your other emergency supplies. Click here to learn more.


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