bFed Use In Hospitals

Using the bFed™ System in the Hospital

Supply of enteral pumps is limited causing hospitals to look for alternatives to pump delivery. The bFed™ System is the alternative you are looking for.

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Accessing the Nestle Health Science Ultrapak®

The Bolink® Small Cap with CrossSpike is an easy way to transfer nutrition from the Nestle HealthScience Ultrapak® container to a gravity feeding system. Simply close the clamp and screw the Bolink Small cap on to the Ultrapak container, open the clamp and transfer the nutrition.

How to use the Bolink Small Cap with an UltraPak to fill a Bolee Bag.

How to use the Bolink Small Cap with an UltraPak to fill a gravity bag.

Contact Andy Scheldrup for direct purchase and pricing at 763-557-9008 or andy@udelivermedical.comGravity Feeding with the Bolee Bag

Fill the Bolee Bag (BK-1375) with 375mL of nutrition and attach the Vesco Medical Gravity Screw Cap (VED-020) for gravity feeding. The Vesco screw cap includes a drip chamber, roller clamp for flow rate control and a sleeve that the Bolee Bag fits in allowing it to be hung on an IV pole.


How to use the Bolee Bag with the Vesco Medical Screw Cap.


The bFed System for hospitals is comprised of a 375mL Bolee™ Bag which holds the nutrition of your choice or water, and the Bolink™ Large Cap which connects the Bolee Bag to the patient feeding tube or extension set.


Bolee Bag
Bolee Bag hold 375mL
Bolink Large Cap with ENFit
Bolink Large Cap with ENFit
Bolee Bag with Bolink Large Cap
Bolee Bag with Bolink Large Cap

The Bolink Large Cap has 5-inches of tubing with no drip chamber and an ENFit connector. If your hospital hasn't switched to ENFit connectors yet, an adapter can be attached allowing for a connection with funnel feeding tubes and extension sets.

Delivery Steps

1. Label the Bolee Bag and fill it with 375mL of your choice of nutrition

2. Re-attach the white storage cap

3. Place the Bolee Bag in a refrigerator until you are ready to send it to a patient's room

4. Send the filled Bolee Bag and a Bolink Large Cap (still in the package) to the patient's room

5. Treat as an open system following ASPEN hang time guidelines

6. Remove the Bolink Large Cap from its package and close the clamp

7. Remove the white storage cap from the Bolee Bag

8. Attached the Bolink Large Cap to the Bolee Bag

9. Open the clamp the Bolink Large Cap and prime the tubing; close the clamp

10. Attach the Bolink Large Cap to the feeding tube or extension set (use an ENFit adapter if the feeding tube or extension set has a funnel opening)

11. Open the clamp and deliver nutrition by gravity or squeeze for bolus delivery

12. When delivery is complete, close the clamp and disconnect the Bolink Large Cap from the feeding tube or extension set


The bFed System was introduced in February 2018 mainly for use with home tube feeders. All bFed System products are produced and individually packaged in a FDA regulated clean room.

A recent clinical study titled "Accepted Safe Food-Handling Procedures Minimizes Microbial Contamination of Home-Prepared Blenderized Tube-feeding" by Debra L. Milton PhD, Teresa W. Johnson DCN, RDN, FAND, Kelly Johnson DNP, RN, Brie Murphy MS, Holly Carter PhD, RN, FNP‐BC, Ryan T. Hurt MD, PhD, Manpreet S. Mundi MD, Lisa Epp RDN, LD, CNSC, Amy Y. Spurlock PhD, RN, Jenna Hussey DNP, MSN, RN in Nutrition In Clinical Practice used the Bolee Bag and showed that the Bolee Bag can be filled and safely stored for up to 48-hours in a refrigerator if immediate patient use is not needed.

A Proven, Safe Alternative to Pumps

The bFed System is a proven and safe alternative to institutional pump use. The benefits are:

1. Single meal volume of 375mL is a better alternative to large volume 1000mL gravity feeding bags-presents less risk of harm due to potential free-flow

2. The separate Bolee Bag storage cap makes for easy and clean storage and transportation to patient rooms

3. The Bolink Large Cap is in its own sealed package making for clean storage and handling prior to use

Special hospital pricing is available. Contact Andy Scheldrup at 763-557-9008 or