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Bolus Tube Feeding Delivery from a Gravity System

Do you provide enteral nutrition supplies to home tube feeding patients? The bFed® System is a better enteral delivery system for both you and your patients having the advantages of both bolus and gravity delivery.  Better for your patients because it is easier for them to use than bolus syringes (fewer complaint calls for you) and mare environmentally friendly than gravity bags that are not reusable.

The Bolee™ Bag component of the bFed System is a 375mL reusable (up to 15 times over multiple days) food container that works with all tube feeding nutrition – commercial formula, home made blenderized nutrition and water. Instead of your patients filling six bolus syringes at each meal, they fill one Bolee Bag and connect it to their feeding tube or bolus extension set with the Bolink® Large Cap to deliver.

The Bolink Large Cap has a 5-inch long, large diameter tube with a clamp to control flow. There is no drip chamber to clog or excess tubing to get in the way of nutrition delivery.


The bFed System fits under reimbursement code B4036 – Enteral Feeding Kit – Gravity. Any client that you switch  from either bolus or pump feeding kits to the bFed System can be billed under B4036.

The codes for enteral feeding supplies (B4034-B4036) include all supplies, other than the feeding tube itself, required for the administration of enteral nutrients to the patient for one day. Codes B4034-B4036 describe a daily fee rather than a specifically defined “kit.” Some items are changed daily; others may be used for multiple days.

bFed System Kit Configuration

Bolee bagThe bFed System gives you flexibility to configure your own monthly supply. The Bolee Bag is a 375mL multi-day reusable container so you don’t need to supply 30 for a monthly shipment. Most home care companies supply 10 Bolee Bags for a 30-day supply.

Bolink Large Cap

The Bolink Large Cap connects the Bolee Bag to the patient’s feeding tube or bolus extension set. The Bolink Large Cap is packaged separately from the Bolee Bag so you can determine monthly usage (labeled for 24-hour use).

bFed tube feeding system for home blenderized food

You can buy the Bolee Bag and Bolink Large Cap sets separately to create your own monthly supply kits. We will also work with you to create your own monthly supply case configuration and build them for you.

The following home health care supply companies support the bFed System:




Distributor Availability

Cardinal at Home (formerly Independence Medical)

Bolee Bag – Item UDMBK1375

Bolink Large Cap – Item UDMBK1405

McKesson Medical Surgical

Bolee Bag – Item 1107845

Bolink Large Cap – Item 1107854

Bolink Small Cap – Item 1107856


Bolee Bag – Case of 50 – BFED1375

Bolee Bag – Each – BFED1375H

Bolink Large Cap – Case of 30 – BFED1405

Bolink Large Cap – Each – BFED1405H

Bolink Small Cap – Case of 30 – BFED1085

Bolink Small Cap – Each – BFED1085


We have flexible case volume pricing for home health care agencies and distributors. Contact us for more information or to discuss options.

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