Headquartered in Hopkins, MN, U Deliver Medical is dedicated to creating innovative products for the home tube feeder that will make their life easier!

Fred Reuning and Brian Johnson (“The Bolee Guys”), are the co- founders of U Deliver Medical, LLC. They have over forty-years’ experience in the tube feeding and medical device industry and have seen first-hand how home tube feeders struggle to get the nutrition they need.

Messy bolus syringes, gravity bags with five feet of tubing and pumps were all designed for use in institutions, not for the home tube feeder. Before Fred and Brian created the bFed® System there wasn’t anything designed specifically for the home tube feeder to deliver nutrition. Because of their experience they were absolutely convinced they could create a better system. They worked with home tube feeders, leading healthcare providers, caregivers and DMEs to design the bFed System – the first tube feeding delivery system created specifically for home tube feeders!

The bFed System works with all types of nutrition – commercial formulas (Abbott Nutrition, Kate Farms, Nestle HealthScience, etc), whole food products (Functional Formularies and Real Food Blends), home blends, most baby food puree pouches and water.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide home tube feeders with nutrition delivery products that give them the freedom to choose how to get the nutrition they want, when they want it and where they want it. Nutrition is vital to improved health and healing and our tube feeding delivery products will be designed to eliminate barriers so that proper nutrition can be the norm for all home tube feeders.

Our Vision

Food, delivery methods, connectors, people and packaging all change with time. It’s our commitment to evolve with all aspects of home tube feeding, to continuously look at ways to improve the bFed System, and continue to bring new products to market. Tube feeding nutrition is too important to be held back by poor delivery options.

Our Values

A person being tube fed deserves all options available to get the nutrition she or he chooses. We believe that making life easier for the home tube feeder and caregiver community must be at the heart of everything we do.

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The bFed® Revolution Manifesto

Say YES to:
*No More Messy Syringes
*Easier Tube Feeding
*Tube Feeding on the Go
*Being in Control
*Freedom to Choose
*Easy Meal Storage
*Tube-Feeding Flexibility