bFed™ Starter Kit

The bFed Starter Kit includes 3 bolee bags, 2 bolink small caps, 5 bolink large capsThe bFed Starter Kit includes 3 bolee bags, 2 bolink small caps, 5 bolink large caps


Contains 3 Bolee Bags, 5 Bolink Large Caps and 2 Bolink Small Caps.

Add an ENFit Adapter to your order if your feeding tube or low-profile extension set has a funnel opening. Click here to learn more about ENFit.

“The bFed System has made bolus feeding so much easier for me. I’ve been using a g-tube to supplement my diet due to complications of cystic fibrosis for about 7 years now, and finally I can use something that makes bolus feeds an easy part of my day. It’s a huge time saver and eliminates the threats of spills and leaks.” Gunnar Esiason

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Not sure how the bFed™ System will work for you? We’ve created a starter kit so you can give it a try. The starter kit contains:

  • 3 Bolee™ Bags
  • 5 Bolink™ Large Caps
  • 2 Bolink™ Small Caps

Product specific information for Bolee Bag, Bolink Large Cap Set and Bolink Small Cap Set is available on the individual product pages.

Only $39.99


SKU: SK-2101

bFed Starter Kit

Indications for Use

Bolink™ Large Cap Gravity Feeding Set and Bolink™ Small Cap Gravity Feeding Set are intended for over-the-counter use to deliver liquid nutritional formulas or water to a patient\'s enteral access device (feeding tube or extension set).


Not made with natural latex rubber or latex.
Not formulated with DEHP or BPA.

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