bFed™ Snack Kit

The bFed Snack Kit includes 10 Bolink small capsThe bFed Snack Kit includes 10 Bolink small caps


Connects store bought puree pouches directly to your feeding tube or extension set.


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If your schedule is crazy running from one activity to the next with no time to stop for a full meal, then you need the bFed Snack Kit. The bFed Snack Kit has 10 Bolink Small Cap sets so you can keep one in your backpack, purse, in the car or wherever you keep your tube feeding supplies. Perfect for those times when you are on the go!

Most of the store bought puree pouches have the same spout but double check to make sure the ones you buy are compatible with Bolink Small Cap Set (not compatible with Gerber® Smart Flow™ pouches). Here is what the food container spout should look like to fit with the Bolink Small Cap Set:

Puree pouch spout

Each Bolink Small Cap Set is individually packaged for easy storage and transportation.

The Bolink Small Cap Set features the ENFit® secure connection so you don’t have to worry about the set disconnecting or leaking from the feeding tube or extension set when you squeeze the pouch. Rinse between uses and replace each day.

If your feeding tube or extension set doesn’t have an ENFit connector be sure to include ENFit adapters in your order.

Prescription Required

Only $24.99 for 10 Bolink Small Caps ($5.00 savings)

SKU: BK-2003

bFed Snack Kit

Indications for Use

Bolink™ Enteral Feeding Sets are intended to deliver liquid nutritional formulas or water to a patient's enteral access device (feeding tube or extension set).


• For enteral feeding only.
• This device incorporates an ENFit® Connector which is designed to reduce the likelihood of tubing misconnections; however, the potential to misconnect this device with connectors of other healthcare applications still exists.
• Small parts are a potential choking hazard if this device is not used as intended. Use under adult supervision.


• This device should be replaced at least every 24 hours.
• For single patient use only.


Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.
Not made with natural latex rubber or latex.
Not formulated with DEHP or BPA.

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