bFed™ Refill Kit

The bFed Refill kit includes 7 bolee bags, 4 bolink small caps, 10 bolink large capsThe bFed Refill kit includes 7 bolee bags, 4 bolink small caps, 10 bolink large caps


Contains 7 Bolee Bags, 10 Bolink Large Cap sets and 4 Bolink Small Cap sets.

Add an ENFit Adapter to your order if your feeding tube or low-profile extension set has a funnel opening. Click here to learn more about ENFit.

“I love the bFed System!! It’s very easy to use and easy to clean. When we are out doing errands and it’s time for her feeding, I just grab the Bolee Bag and give my daughter her feeding. No mess with syringes. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. My orders so far have gotten here in 3 days!”        – Melissa




The bFed Refill Kit is a quick way to reorder your supplies so you always have multiple Bolink Small Caps, Bolee™ Bags filled with your choice of tube feeding nutrition or water in the refrigerator or freezer and enough Bolink™ Large Caps to change every day.

  • 7 Bolee Bags
  • 10 Bolink Large Cap Sets
  • 4 Bolink Small Cap Sets

Product specific information for Bolee Bag, Bolink Large Cap Set and Bolink Small Cap Set is available on the individual product pages.

Only $84.99 each ($5.80 savings)


SKU: SK-2102

bFed Refill Kit

Indications for Use

Bolink™ Large Cap Gravity Feeding Set and Bolink™ Small Cap Gravity Feeding Set are intended for over-the-counter use to deliver liquid nutritional formula or water to a patient\'s enteral access device.


Not made with natural latex rubber or latex.
Not formulated with DEHP or BPA.

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