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ENFit AdapterENFit Adapter


Be sure to include ENFit® adapters in your order if your feeding tube or extension set has a funnel opening.

Click here to watch a video about ENFit and the bFed System.

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Sku:F 00071


If your feeding tube or extension set has a funnel opening you will need an ENFit® adapter for the Bolink® Large Cap and Small Cap to connect.

Click here to read more about ENFit.

Only $4.99 each

SKU: F 00071

Enteral Distal End ENFit Transition Connector with Cap

Indications for Use

This transition connector is intended for connecting an enteral giving with an ENFit® connector to an enteral catheter with a funnel.


• For enteral feeding only.
• Use this transition connector ONLY if an enteral catheter equipped with an ENFit™ connector is NOT available.
• This device incorporates an ENFit™ Connector which is designed to reduce the likelihood of tubing misconnections; however, the potential to misconnect this device with connectors of other healthcare applications still exists.
• NOT for I.V. use.
• Small parts are a potential choking hazard if this device is not used as intended. Use under adult supervision.


• This device should be replaced at least every 48 hours.
• For single patient use only.


Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.
Not made with natural latex rubber or latex.
Not formulated with DEHP or BPA.

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