bFed® EZ Fill 60mL Syringe Kit


The bFed® EZ Fill 60mL Syringe Kit includes:

• 3 – Bolee Bags

• 10 – 60mL NeoConnect ENFit Syringes

• 3 – NeoConnect Transfer Lids

Click here to watch a video to see how it works

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All you need for no mess filling of the NeoConnect® at Home 60mL ENFit syringe is a Bolee® Bag, a NeoConnect Transfer Lid and the NeoConnect 60mL syringe.

5 Simple Steps:

1. Fill the Bolee® Bag with your nutrition

2. Screw on the NeoConnect® Transfer Lid

3. Attach the 60mL ENFit® syringe to the Transfer Lid port

4. Pull back the plunger to fill the syringe

5. Attach the syringe to your extension tube or feeding tube to deliver nutrition


The bFed EZ Fill Bolus Syringe Kit eliminates dipping the tip of your syringe into your nutrition – no more messy tips!

Click here to watch a video to see how it works.

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