NeoConnect® Bolus Syringe

No More Messy Syringes

The bFed® System is all about making the delivery of nutrition for home tube feeders, easier and mess free. In fact, one of the benefit statements in our bFed Revolution Manifesto is “No More Messy Syringes!” So why would we start selling a syringe? It’s because this isn’t an ordinary syringe and there’s never been anything like it before now.

In fact, this is the first ever reusable, O-ring, ENFit® syringe cleared for sale without a prescription! That’s why we are proud to partner with NeoMed and offer the NeoConnect® at home™ enteral O-ring syringe with the ENFit connector. The ENFit connection means that this is a “non-messy” syringe – a perfect complement to the bFed System!

The NeoConnect at home enteral O-ring syringe line is ideal for patients in non-clinical and home care settings for oral and enteral medication and nutrition delivery. They are designed with:

• The ENFit® connector to help reduce the risk of enteral tubing misconnections and improve patient safety. The twist connection also helps prevent accidental disconnection and the resulting messes they create.

• A durable polypropylene plunger and silicone O-ring with a clear barrel and easy-to-read black markings specially designed to withstand 20 uses.


NeoConnect syringes may be hand washed and reused up to 20 times when cleaned per the cleaning instructions, allowing for a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to single use ENFit syringes.

Multiple Sizes

Four convenient sizes to meet all of your oral and enteral medication and nutrition syringe delivery needs. NeoConnect syringes are available without a prescription, making ENFit syringe access hassle-free.


6 mL

12 mL

60 mL

No Mess Syringe Filling Solution

We know a lot of people prefer bolus syringes for dosage control when delivering nutrition and it can be really messy trying to fill those syringes using nutrition that comes in a pouch or homemade blends. To help solve this issue we have created the bFed EZ Fill 60mL Syringe Kit.

The bFed® EZ Fill 60mL Syringe Kit is all you need for no mess filling of the NeoConnect at Home 60mL ENFit syringe.

5 Simple Steps:

  • 1. Fill the Bolee® Bag with your nutrition
  • 2. Screw on the NeoConnect® Transfer Lid
  • 3. Attach the 60mL syringe to the Transfer Lid port
  • 4. Pull back the plunger to fill the syringe
  • 5. Attach the syringe to your extension tube or feeding tube to deliver nutrition
bFed EZ Fill Solution

No dipping the tip of the syringe into your nutrition resulting in a messy tip!

Click here to watch a video to see how it works.